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Mom Following Her "Gut Feeling" Stops Potentially Deadly School Shooting

Koeberle Bull/Facebook

When one New Jersey mother woke up on October 17, she thought the day would be like any other.

However, when Koeberle Bull checked her phone that morning she received a notification on Facebook from a stranger named Dylan Jarrell.

Jarrell, who's profile picture depicts him holding a firearm, had sent the mother-of-three a horrendously racist note, directed at her mixed-race children.

"There's no such thing as white privileged you f---ing autistic f---. I hope your black children gets hung for you being so stupid...Act your race retard," read part of the message.

Koeberle Bull's three children.
Koeberle Bull's three children.Koeberle Bull/Facebook

"Well, I woke up Wednesday morning to a message," Bull told WKYT.

"[He was] basically repeating himself about hoping my children would die and be hung because they're black. It was definitely racially motivated, 'you and your monkey children' and using the 'n' word a lot."

Bull, who's a widow, said she immediately dialed 911, believing the 20-year-old was a local to her home of Lumberton, New Jersey.

However, he lived nowhere near her state.

"Something in the back of my head was like this isn't right."

Although Jarrell blocked Bull on social media, her friends were able to access his profile, where it said he lived in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, making her question how he found her Facebook page.

"Something in the back of my head was like this isn't right, like something's not sitting well," she told the news outlet, and explained she then made the decision to call the Kentucky State Police and report the incident.

Koeberle Bull
Koeberle BullFox News

What Bull didn't know was that following her intuition would end up saving hundreds of lives.

When authorities arrived on Jarrell's street, they caught him pulling out of his driveway.

His car filled with several rounds of ammunition and a detailed plan of attack on two local school districts - Anderson County Schools and Shelby County Public Schools.

"A firearm, over 200 rounds of ammunition, a Kevlar vest, a 100-round high capacity magazine and a detailed plan of attack were also discovered in the possession of the subject," the Kentucky State Police said.

When officers searched his home, they found his Internet search history included how to commit a school shooting.

"There is no doubt in my mind that as a result of this investigation we saved lives," Commissioner Rick Sanders said in a news conference. "This young man had it in his mind to go to schools and create havoc. He had the tools necessary, the intent necessary, and the only thing standing between him and evil and doing evil is law enforcement."

KSP News Conference regarding school threat investigation

Posted by Kentucky State Police on Friday, October 19, 2018

"I would hope that someone would, in the same situation, just do the same thing."

Since the incident, Jarrell pleaded not guilty to "making terroristic threats," and was also charged with harassing communications.

But while he's locked up at the Shelby County Detention Center, Bull has been receiving countless messages praising her quick thinking.

"Not all heroes wear capes. You saved lives because you know that people filled with hate like this are dangerous. THANK YOU for being the change we need in this world. PS - your family is absolutely beautiful," one Facebook user wrote.

"As a teacher in the district, I can not thank you enough for your actions. Because of you, my babies and coworkers are safe and sound tonight. You are a hero in my eyes. God Bless You and your family!!" another chimed in.

Someone else added, "So grateful for your actions. Truly amazed of the whole story. Thank you for being an example we should all learn from."

However, Bull said she just hopes other people would do the same thing.

"I would hope that someone would, in the same situation, just do the same thing. Because, obviously, you never know. It could be an idle threat or it could be the next mass shooter," Bull told WKYT.

"It's our future. These kids are our future, my kids, the kids of Lawrenceburg and Anderson County, and we have to give them a fighting shot."

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