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Mother Was Devastated The Moment She Looked At Her Newborn Girl - And For Good Reason

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Becoming a new mother is the most exciting experience in the world.

Every parent I know says the birth of their children was the best moment of their life, and why wouldn't it be? That's your flesh and blood in front of you!

That being said, when my first daughter was born, I felt a surge of emotions.

It suddenly dawned on me that I was responsible for this being for the rest of my life. Was I ready? Would I be able to handle all the hardships?

But at the same time, the thought of becoming best friends with her excited me. I promised to give her my all, and so far that has been enough for the both of us.

All these thoughts were in my head the moment I first held her. I cried like a baby on the hospital bed. Thankfully, everyone thought it was all happy tears.

Many parents can't imagine looking at their newborn baby and feeling even a tinge of regret, but there are actually a lot of parents who have felt this way.

While for some parents it could be out of sheer laziness of raising a child, for others their baby was born with a birth defect.

A couple from India was looking forward to the birth of their daughter, but once she finally born, they were shocked.

Baby Hermlata was born with an extremely rare condition.

Simply looking at the first photo taken of her you would know that something is wrong...

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