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Move Over Peter Rabbit, Vice President Mike Pence's Bunny Is Getting His Own Book

Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Yes, in case you didn't know, Vice President Mike Pence owns a pet rabbit named Marlon Bundo (after the famous actor Marlon Brando).

Marlon is just one of the Pence family's collection of adorable house pets. There's also Harley, the Australian Shepherd, and a pair of cats named Pickle and Hazel. But there's no question that the small black-spotted rabbit nicknamed BOTUS (Bunny of the United States) is the most popular pet by far.

While a rabbit is still considered an unusual pet - Marlon holds the record as the "first rabbit to fly on Air Force Two" - he's not the only strange animal to call the White House home. President Calvin Coolidge's wife Grace kept a pet raccoon named Rebecca.

Meanwhile, George Washington owned a donkey named Royal Gift (since he was a gift from the King of Spain) and his wife Martha kept a parrot. More recently, George W. Bush owned a menagerie of animals including a cat named Willie, a dog named Barney and a cow named Ofelia.

And like many other White House pets, Marlon Bundo is following in a proud tradition by helping America's children learn about his owner's job in a fun and friendly way. That's right: this rabbit is about to star in his own children's book.

And "Grampa" Pence will be in it too...

Marlon's new book will be a family affair, starring him and Vice President Pence, written by Pence's daughter Charlotte and illustrated by Second Lady Karen Pence.  

These kinds of books, meant to teach children about the White House and raise money for charity, are common for the First Family's pets. But since President Trump doesn't own any dogs or cats, Pence's rabbit has been given the honor instead.

George W. Bush's dog Barney starred in a number of special videos showing an "average day" for the presidential pooch and introducing young viewers to people who work in the White House. President Bill Clinton's pet cat, Socks, starred in a book of his own written by Beverly Cleary.

Marlon's book will show him working at the White House with his "Grampa" Pence, and goes on sale in March. Part of the book's proceeds will go to charity, including art therapy funds and the A21 organization, which combats human trafficking.

Marlon "signing" the contract for his new book.

It certainly sounds like it will be cute, and it should have some beautiful illustrations as well. Karen Pence is actually an award winning watercolor painter, but she normally sticks to paintings of America's many historic buildings.

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[H/T: CNN]

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