She Murdered Her Boyfriend And Then Served Him To her Co-Workers

Sometimes you see news and you immediately wish you didn't read the headline. Sorry to pass along this story then, but it's almost too bizarre and horrible to not share.

Earlier this month, a stomach-churning murder was reported thousands of miles away. Usually only crimes of the most significance or severity get reported all the way in America. A woman murdering her boyfriend hardly seems to qualify, except the gruesome details have led to this case being splashed across newspapers everywhere.

A Moroccan woman living in the United Arab Emirates confessed to the murder of her boyfriend of seven years. The man had been reported missing months earlier, but no investigation had centered around her.

His brother showed up at the house, asking the woman if she had any idea where his brother was. While there he made a horrific discovery: a human tooth in a blender.

Wikimedia Commons

He immediately alerted the authorities who swooped down into the home. DNA tests matched the tooth with that of the missing boyfriend.

When being interviewed by police the woman broke down and confessed to a "moment of insanity" where she murdered her partner.

In an attempt to dispose of the body she then butchered him and prepared him as a traditional meat and rice dish. She served it to her co-workers who lived nearby.

It's enough to make you skip dinner. The woman is being held pending her trial, but it seems like the verdict will be a lock.

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