Museums And Zoos Across The U.S. Will Open Their Doors For Free This Saturday

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If you've got plans on Saturday, September 22, cancel them.

It's Museum Day in the U.S., which means more than 1,500 museums and zoos will open their doors for free.

This is the perfect day to go with a friend or family member to enjoy a museum or zoo you've never seen, or would love to visit again.

This annual event is hosted by Smithsonian magazine, and all participating museum and cultural institutions across the country are involved!

If you want some recommendations on where to go, here are five museums or zoos everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime!

1. Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

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If you've been to a botanical garden before and loved it, you're really going to like this one!

Head over to the Sonoran Desert in Phoenix and feast your eyes on the beauty of their desert botanical garden.

This place features more than 50,000 plants, including 400 rare and endangered species.

2. Zoo Miami

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Zoos have something to offer to both children and adults. Miami's zoo, in particular, is the oldest and largest zoo in Florida.

They have more than 3,000 animals from 500 different species.

3. Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle

Not only does this museum look incredible from the outside, the inside is just as interesting.

The Museum of Pop Culture will send you back to the good ol' days, where you can explore important moments in the world of music, literature, television, and video games.

What I also love about this museum is that it's super interactive!

4. Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

This museum has one of the largest contemporary art exhibits in the country, so it's a must-see!

Their visual exhibitions include painting, sculpture, photography, film, and video. They also have a 300-seat performing arts theater.

Another bonus to this museum is that it has a mesmerizing view of Lake Michigan.

All you need to gain free entry to one of these participating museums or zoos is a Museum Day ticket. Here's how to get one:

This ticket provides free general admission for only two people. Participants are allowed to download one ticket per email address.

Click here to search participating museums in your city and download your free ticket.

Museum Day is only a one-day event, so don't forget to take advantage of this offer!

[H/T: Smithsonian]

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