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After Touching A Haunted Box, Musician Narrowly Escapes A Plane Crash, A Car Accident, And A Burglary

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While some people might think experiencing similar events in a close amount of time is chalked up to being a fluke, others are inclined to attribute these coincidences to their superstitious beliefs.

Some instances could be positive, such as winning bets against your friends several times in a row, or negative, like having a handful of near death experiences.

Although the latter may seem extreme, Austin Post, otherwise known by his famous moniker, "Post Malone,"  has been dodging plenty of threats to his life, just this month alone.

The saga first began on August 21, when Malone was on a private jet headed towards London, England from the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

However, the plane lost a tire during takeoff and the pilot had to make an emergency landing at Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, New York.

Luckily all 16 passengers were unharmed.

On September 7, Malone was a passenger in his $320,000 Rolls-Royce, when a Kia crashed head-on into the driver's side of the vehicle.

The rapper told TMZ  that the Kia came out of nowhere, causing his car to spin out of control. While no injuries were reported, the "Rockstar" artist later took to Twitter and told his fans that "god must hate me lol."

Only three days later it was revealed burglars broke into a San Fernando Valley house on September 1, believing it was owned by Malone.

Shouting the name of the musician, the three male suspects got away with $20,000 worth of cash, jewelry and cell phones. A person on the scene had been assaulted.

While Malone previously called the mansion his home, he had moved to another residence months before.

Fans of Malone believe the rapper is cursed following this three brushes with death, and now they have the proof to back in up.

A video acquired by TMZ showed Malone hanging out with Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans and an object known as a Dybbuk Box and is said by some to be "the World's most haunted object."

Last March, Bagans told the celebrity news outlet that he had purchased a wine cabinet allegedly haunted by the dybbuk - a restless, evil spirit that that can enter a living person.

He said that while the two men were drinking beers he decided to take the protective glass off the box and touch it. When Bagans was touching the haunted object, Malone touched his shoulder, which the ghost hunter explains was enough to trigger the curse onto him.

He's later seen in the video running out of the room, spooked out by the experience.

While it could just be an urban legend, if Malone believes he's truly cursed, he could hire a curse removal practitioner to hide him of the negative energy.

[H/T: TMZ]

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