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Mystery Woman Treats 25 Firefighters To Surprise Dinner


It had been a long day for the fearless members of the Colton Fire Department.

They had been battling the La Cadena fire in La Loma Hills from about noon to 8 p.m before finally heading to the local Denny's for a meal.

In one week alone, the fire department has fought 15-20 wildfires amid high temperatures and sweltering humidity. While civilians have brought meals for the firefighters in the past, what one woman did was certainly unprecedented.

As 25 hungry firefighters chowed-down on a hearty meal, they had no idea that someone nearby had noticed how weary and worn-out they were.

Read on to find about the firefighters' reaction to what this mystery woman did for them...

It's no secret that the firefighters working hard for the City of Colton Fire are proud of their work and honored to serve the citizens of their community.

Most days, these brave men and women work in unbearable heat and dangerous situations that can become deadly with the simple the change of wind direction. While many citizens recognize their hard work and dedication, no one has stepped up to thank them so graciously.

Colton Fire Department Chief Tim McHargue was expecting a rather large bill to arrive at the end of their meal. After all, feeding 25 hungry firefighters can't be cheap - even at a family restaurant like Denny's.

When he looked down at the bill, he got quite the surprise!

Moments before, a mystery woman had approached the counter and asked to pay for their meals. The anonymous benefactor paid $355 for food, plus a $50 tip.

Then, she went one step further and paid for a $100 gift certificate that would buy dessert for the next round of hungry firefighters!

Although Chief McHargue wished he could have thanked the woman, he tells CNN that he hopes she knows how grateful they all were.

"It boosts morale," said Fire department Public Information Officer Capt. Tom DeBellis. "People normally bake cookies, make sandwiches, or give us sodas or cold water, as thanks for the guys' hard work. The guys really appreciate it."

Whoever she is, we hope she knows!

[h/t CNN]