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Leaving A Nail File In Your Car Can Save You A Headache This Winter

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It may be hard to believe that something as small as a nail file can be one of the most useful tools to keep in your car during the winter months.

Storing a nail file in your glove compartment won't just come in handy for shaping a nail you broke while cleaning snow off your vehicle, it could make a really big difference when you find yourself driving in bad weather.

Freezing temperatures can make for awful driving conditions, especially when accompanied by rain or snow. Even if you defog your mirrors and windows before your commute, you may end up having to deal with frost while you're on the road.

Using your car's heat settings and washer fluid can help clear the ice, but sometimes all the windshield wipers do is leave behind a streaky mess that further obscures your view.

According to Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, a book by Patrice Banks filled with auto maintenance and roadside emergencies tips, if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, you should reach for a nail file.

"Windshield wipers can get worn down or have a layer of dirt on top of them that doesn't wipe away easily," explains Banks, an engineer-turned-auto mechanics expert.

She adds that the easiest way to restore your wiper blades is by "wiping down the surface of the blade that comes in contact with the windshield a few times with a nail file or emery board."

"It will give the wiper a second life, and can help you see better in the rain or snow!"

In fact, this simple trick can actually make your wipers "last three to six months longer." However, you should keep in mind that the hack will only work if the wiper blades are still in good condition.

"If the wipers blades are peeling off the wipers, no amount of filing can fix them," warns Banks. "Replace them before they totally peel off!"

Instead of replacing your wipers every season, it's worth spending a buck or two on a nail file and setting a few minutes aside to clear the gunk away.

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