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NASA Discovered A New Zodiac Sign and Yours Probably Changed

If you are a believer in horoscopes you probably think your zodiac sign matches you to a tee. Well then this news might be a bit embarrassing.

NASA has discovered a 13th zodiac sign, and it's moved the alignment of every other sign. That means move over Leo because you're now a Cancer. Cancer guess what? You're now a Gemini.

The signs have shifted about a week, meaning those who squeaked into a particular sign may now be reading a different horoscope.

This is great news for those who always felt like they didn't belong.

The new sign is Ophiuchus, and those born between Nov 29 and Dec 17 might want to learn up on it.


The zodiac was created by the Babylonians over 3,000 years ago and was chosen based on the alignment of the earth and sun. Drawing a line from the Sun through the Earth would point to 1 of 12 constellations.

Small problem - there's actually 13.

It's speculated that the Babylonians wanted the zodiac to fit into their 12 month calendar so some numbers were fudged.

A full list of the new dates with the new sign can be found right here.

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