National Geographic Caught This Rare And Endangered Cat On Camera

The world is filled with so many species that we may never know about. Wildlife specialists are always on the lookout for rare species and on occasions they even manage to capture them on camera.

Earlier this week, National Geographic shared a video of one of the world's rarest and mysterious mammals, the marbled cat.


The beautiful feline is native to Asia and has been critically endangered for some time now. There isn't a lot of knowledge about the marbled cat, in fact all that is known is from a study of a female cat in Thailand. One of the interesting features of this wildcat is that i can turn its feet backward, a skill that is believed to make "it more agile in trees." writes National Geographic.

Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve of Yunnan Province has captured a video using camera traps that gives us a glimpse of the rare feline in it's natural habitat. The cat is seen walking on a trail and urinating to mark it's territory. Watch the video below to get a look at the rare animal:

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