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You Can Join Ghost Hunters Worldwide While They Live-Stream Their Biggest Ghost Hunt Ever

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Believing in ghosts and haunted places isn't always the most logical thing, but sometimes things happen that defy logic.

Whether it's lights flickering on and off, doors opening and closing, or objects falling off of shelves, a lot of people have experienced some truly bizarre things that leave them with a creepy feeling that they aren't alone in in our homes.

These spooky so-called "ghost encounters" happen all over the globe, and on Saturday, September 29th, there will be the "World's Largest Ghost Hunt" taking place and you'll be able to take part in all the paranormal activity yourself.

Ghost hunters around the world will be investigating mysterious locations, and many will be live-streaming their progress so you'll be able to tag along.

Here are just some of the haunted locations you'll be able to see inside of on National Ghost Hunting Day:

The Johnston House Ghost Hunt

The former home of Dr. Robert James Johnston Sr. has been experiencing some spooky situations lately.

The 45-year-old's death was determined accidental when he shot himself while packing for a hunting trip. It's been 82 years since his death, but ever since, strange things have been happening in the home.

Current resident Justin Bolin revealed that there has been a lot going on that made them want to get their home checked out during the event.

"The odd time a door will close, and the latch would close as well," said Bolin. "At night, sometimes you hear footfalls on the floor. When I saw the door to the basement close, I figured it was just the cat, but I don't think he could figure out the latch."

The investigators had their first visit before the official tour and live-stream, and were able to record an EVP clip that they could hear a voice say "Check out down the stairs."

The home will be investigated by 10 ghost hunters in Calgary, and will be live-streamed along with many other locations.

The Russ House Ghost Hunt

The Russ House is going to be investigated in Florida, and it won't be the first time its creepy halls will be explored.

As one of the states more haunted locales, the Russ house has been visited many times by those interested in the paranormal.

The former residents of this home have noted spooky sounds and unbelievable sights all over, so now the Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts will be taking you through while they search for some answers.

They will even be allowing the public to come help out, providing them with all the equipment they need, but you'll be able to tune in on the National Ghost Hunting Day website to keep up with the investigations.

The Doll House Hunt

The Doll House was built in 1900 but when the current owner bought it in 2017 and began to renovate it, they started to experience some paranormal phenomenon.

As he began renovations, he started noticing that his tools were constantly being moved away from where he left them, and every day when he'd come back to work on the house the door would be left wide open no matter how many new locks he installed.

In previous investigations they have found several EVPs, dark shadowy figures, and even people reporting scratches on their bodies as well as feeling as though they've been touched.

There are over 150 locations for your to explore from the comfort and safety of your own home this Saturday.

You can find the full Facebook Live schedule here, where you can watch every locations exploration of the paranormal and peculiar.

I know it's technically not Halloween yet, but why not get the spooky season started early and see if you're brave enough to encounter some real ghosts?

The live streams will be happening on Saturday, September 29th, at 9 p.m. EST, but you can sign up on Facebook to receive notifications when it starts so you don't forget.

Source - National Ghost Hunting Day / The Sun

Who else is ready to see some ghosts?