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Sweethearts May Not Be Around Much Longer After Sudden Factory Closure

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Be honest, what's Valentine's Day without these delicious heart-shaped candies?

They've been around since 1902, which to me is like as old as time itself. They're still one of my favorite candies, and are probably the reason why I have a sweet tooth.

My favorite part about Sweethearts was that they had messages on them, making them fun to share with friends and family.

Messages would change to reflect changing times, which would be another reason we would flock to get more ever year.

And over time, their flavors changed too. A few years ago, the company, Necco, added flavors like green apple and strawberry, replacing some of the originals. The texture also became less chalky.

But there was a lot of consumer backlash, so they went back to their original formula.

Now these conversation hearts are in jeopardy again, but this time it's not because of a change in formula. It might have to do with a change in management.

The Candy Factory Shuts Down

In April, there were rumors that the company was closing down after they filed for bankruptcy protection.

"Fans, we have received an astounding amount of emails concerning the future of our company. I will do my best to get back to you all. All I can say is that we are unsure of our future but hopeful for a buyer to keep this sweet and nostalgic brand alive for many more decades. We thank you for all your love and support!" the company posted on their Facebook page in April.

One person even started a GoFundMe page to fundraise enough money to save the company from closing down forever.

In the past three months, the page reached only approximately $4,000 of their $20 million goal.

On July 24, the Necco plant in Massachusetts "abruptly" shut down, after New England Confectionery Co. Round Hill Investments, which bought the candy company at an auction in May, sold it to another candy manufacturer.

“After careful engagement and consideration, however, the firm decided to sell the brands to another national confection manufacturer and today announced the closure of the operations in Revere, Massachusetts," the company revealed in a statement.

Twitter Reactions

According to Boston Globe, we do not know who Necco’s new owner is, or have any word on whether candy production would resume.

Keep in mind, Necco doesn't only make Sweetheart Conversation Hearts, they're also responsible for introducing our palette to Candy Buttons, Mary Jane candies, and Clark Bars.

These delicious treats will also be missed if the new company decides to halt all production.

In the meantime, Necco fans are taking to social media to react to this worrisome news.

So, we don't know whether these candies are gone for good, but let's share this story to let the world know much much we will miss them if they are!

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