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Necklace Found On The Ocean Floor Reveals The True Love Story Of The Titanic

Titanic is one of the biggest movies of all time. Everyone fell in love with Jack and Rose and their romantic affair that ended in tragedy. The necklace that Rose throws into the ocean at the end of the film is iconic and memorable, but did you ever hear about the real necklace found on the ocean floor?

Deep sea divers often comb through the Titanic wreckage to find little pieces of history that were left behind. One of those discoveries was a locket that reveals the real love story of two passengers from that voyage.

While it wasn't exactly the same as "The Heart of the Ocean" from the movie, it represented two real people who were very much in love. Virginia Clark was the owner of the locket was on a belated honeymoon with her new husband Walter Clark.

They were first class passengers, who met in Montana. Their family was responsible for building railroad tracks between California and Utah. They were on the ship enjoying their time when the iceberg hit the ship.

Virginia found her husband seated at a gambling table and together they went to the lifeboats. He helped her get onto lifeboat 4, but wasn't able to get on himself. Alexandra Klingelhofer, vice president of collections for Premier Exhibitions said that "The boat was supposed to lower and gather more passengers, but couldn't take passengers from the gangway door, so it continued being lowered. There was quite a bit of room on the boat, so there would have been a spot for [Mr. Clark] if it had worked out differently."

Virginia made it out of the ordeal, but Walter didn't. Virginia's cousin explained to the press that the "distressing impression left upon the mind of [Walter's] widow" made it impossible for her to discuss the crash.

In the suitcase they found that belonged to the couple, there was also a cuff link and gambling chips along with the locket that was inscribed with "VC". It's amazing that after all of these years they were able to pull these artifacts out!