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People Nowadays Have No Idea What These Are, But Do You Remember?

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As technology improves and everyone is eager to buy the latest gadget, many things slowly start to become obsolete.

Although items like VHS tapes, floppy discs, turntables, and Walkmans aren't popular anymore, there are many kids who still recognize or have heard of them.

That being said, not everything is so memorable, such as these coin-like objects below:

When my mom was growing up, every girl had to know learn how to sew.

There were certain essentials that every sewing kit had, such as scissors, pins, a pincushion, needles, and tape measure.

These items are all still recognizable today by people who don't sew, but some aren't, such as needle threaders.

While many different forms of needle threaders exist today, the coin-shaped threaders that have a wire bent into a diamond structure was very popular.

They make sewing much easier when you're having trouble getting thread into the eye of a needle.

Tailor's chalk is another sewing item that many people don't recognize, but if you recognized the needle threaders, you probably know what this is too!

tailor's chalk
Tailor's chalk is used to mark spots on fabric.clive_continental_menswear - Instagram

Here are three more items that kids these days have no idea what they do.

1. Church Keys

Give this to a kid nowadays and tell them it's a church key and the only reaction you'll get is "Huh, what in the world?"

Before pull and twist tabs existed, these church keys were used to open bottles and cans.

2. Record Adapters

Is it a Frisbee? Is it fidget spinner? Nope, it's a record adapter.

Since people rarely spin records anymore, record adapters aren't recognizable.

This tool is used to help accommodate LPs to fit onto different record player turn tables.

3. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

Back in the '70s, fashionable weight loss was a thing.

While these inflatable pants were a fad, they were very popular during that time period.

The idea was that these pants would melt away fat from people's stomach and thighs while they did regular tasks at home.

But as we know now, only exercise and a healthy diet can achieve those results.

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