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Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Home With Just Two Ingredients You Already Own

Ever walk into a place or meet a new person and instantly get an inexplicable bad feeling come over you?

While a skeptic may chalk it up to nerves, there are many who believe that the feeling of unease could've been caused by negative energy.

Although you can't see it, bad energy can easily seep into spaces around you, including your home. The trapped energy could be from a time when you were going through a rough patch, or maybe it was left behind by the tenants before you (people can also carry negative energy).

Like a sponge, the furniture, walls, carpets, and other objects in your home absorb bad energy, so you're constantly surrounded by it.

In addition to feeling discomfort in your own home, the bad vibes can trigger stress, depression, sleep problems, and intensify relationship and financial issues. You may even start to notice changes in how you perform at work as well as behavioral changes in your family members and pets.

The good news is that you don't need a shaman to come into your home or perform complicated spells to clear the negative energy that has built up within. You also won't need to burn sage.

There are a number of natural ways that you can use to spiritually cleanse your space and clear all the negative energy. One of the most effective solutions is the water trap method using salt, vinegar and water, and there's a very good chance that you already have what you need in your kitchen.

Here's what you'll need

- A clear glass jar

- 2 cups water

- 2 tablespoons granulated salt

- 2 tablespoons white vinegar


Add all the ingredients in the jar and shake it well for about a minute.

Place the jar in the area of house you feel the most uncomfortable in.

Let it sit undisturbed for 24 hours.


The next day, you'll notice the salt rising. This means that the negative energy is being drawn out of the room.

Once it stops rising, it means the space has been cleared. Flush the contents of the jar down the toilet, then start all over again in the next area that needs cleansing.

Some people have reported changes in the color and texture of the liquid after a day. This means that you do have negative energy in your home and you'll need to repeat the process until there is none left.

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Give this experiment a try and let us know how it worked out for you.

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