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Neighbor Cat Falls In Love, Patiently Waits For His Dream Girl To Acknowledge His Existance

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For Scottie, the romantic orange and white cat, it was love at first sight. But in Sophie's case, it took a little longer for the feeling to grow.

When he first spotted his beautiful neighbor cat from across the street, Scottie knew he had to find a way to win her affection. It wasn't going to be easy, Sophie was a very independent lady!

Sophie is a rescue kitty. Her loving mother adopted her from a Boston shelter in 2014 and one of the first things they did together was go for a stroll through the neighborhood.

“I remember when I first started taking her out on the leash Scottie would come over and watch from across the lawn or driveway without coming too close,” Sophie's mom told Cats Meow Lovers.

At first, Scottie kept his distance, admiring Sophie from afar...

... but soon he grew bolder...

The first few weeks of their courtship, Scottie would keep his distance and watch his sweet Sophie from afar.

He was curious to know what she was up to at all times, but very respectfully let her have her own space.

Sophie didn't seem to notice at first, but then Scottie decided to up his game!

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