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29 Passive Aggressive Notes From Neighbors That Will Make You Thankful For Yours

Passive Aggressive Notes

We've all had our fair share of bad neighbors. I had people whose dog wouldn't stop yapping all day (and night!) Plus, there was a man across the street who refused to wear pants while he stood outside watering his plants. It was a lot to take in.

But no matter how bad anything got, I never actually worked up the nerve to say things to my neighbors. I guess I just didn't want to confront them. These people, however, found a way to make their point clear without actually having to talk to their neighbors.

Check out these hilarious passive aggressive notes from neighbors who are totally fed up.

1. Frankly, this seems a little too passive aggressive.

2. Smells AND noise? Oh man. That sounds like a nightmare.

3. This is how you deal with haters!

4. This man will never be able to walk this route again.

5. When the entire building is in on it, you know things are bad.

6. Whoever parked here seriously needs to get some manners! The shoveler is already being nice by clearing the spot...no need to be a hog.

7. Looks like the person who needs to "stop being a jerk!!" is the one who wrote the original note.

8. Now I'm curious to know, too. I wonder if he ever found out.

9. So apparently Mark kept telling people to "help themselves," but someone took the last lemon from his tree. Now, Mark puts this on all his fruit.

10. This is so funny to me!! "Maybe a gold fish."

11. I hope they laminated this note, otherwise it's not going to last too long!

12. Something tells me there was no love between these neighbors.

13. December is one thing, March is a whole other story. Shouldn't you be playing St. Patrick's Day music...does that even exist?

14. I've never felt more informed about Daft Punk's discography.

15. Diagrams are always helpful, but I wonder if this actually worked.

16. Are these like old-fashioned Shape-Ups?

17. The hearts on the exclamation points really make this extra passive aggressive.

18. How did the person who stole it even know it was toilet paper? They might be a little disappointed when they open it.

19. Calling the police on neighbors because of too many flamingos? That seems like a waste of resources.

20. Bonus points for this person for taking a great song and making it into a great note.

21. Is it wrong that I laughed out loud at this? It's SO well done.

22. Somehow, the happy face bandage holding this note up makes it even better.

23. This one is definitely not worth the risk.

24. And people using their Wi-Fi network names to pass notes are the MOST annoying.

25. This man had all his Christmas decorations stolen from his front lawn. He chose to print out pictures from his security cameras and use those instead.

26. Okay, this is just downright adorable.

27. Is it weird that I want to buy tickets to this show? I bet this dog is a real artiste.

28. Can't you make tea out of them? Also, who cares what's on someone else's lawn?

29. This is a very precious note, on beautiful paper, to let someone know you've been seeing them naked.

Have you ever left a note like this?

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