Nestle Bottled Fake Spring Water According To New Lawsuit

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Bottled water is handy to take on the run, to the gym, or to send to school in lunches. We buy brands we believe are trustworthy, and when that trust is broken it can be hard to earn it back.

Nestle, who already faced controversy across North America for their questionable business ethics, is staring down the barrel of a class action lawsuit at the hands of 11 people.

According to a lawsuit filed with federal courts in Connecticut, Nestle Waters North America Inc. commits "colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers.”

Poland Spring, a Nestle product, claims to be natural spring water from Maine, but the suit accuses Nestle of just bottling regular groundwater and labeling it incorrectly.

The 11 people involved in the suit are seeking millions of dollars in 'damages', claiming Poland Spring water never met the Food and Drug Administration definition of a 'spring.'

The 325 page lawsuit claims that none of Nestle's water sources meet the federal definition provided by the FDA for spring water, and that the company "politically compromised" state regulators. The suit also claims that not only is the water not spring water, but they say it's being taken from waste and garbage dumps and then purified.

Nestle wasn't about to take these allegations lightly, however.

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