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Netflix Just Proved That They Really Do Pay Attention To What You're Watching

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There are a whole load of cliches made up about the media streaming giant Netflix since it began offering it's movie and TV show service in 2007.

We have all heard about Netflix & Chill with your significant other, or the funny glitches that appear to confuse movies and their descriptions with things that are way off!

And of course, the guilty-pleasure of watching the show for hours on end as we just keep hitting that "Continue Playing" button over and over again.

Only, we always thought that it was a vice we kept to ourselves, until Netflix decided to shamefully "out" certain fans of their latest in-house production, A Christmas Prince.

The movie is the romantic story of a reporter digging up a scoop on royalty, before realizing she has developed feelings for her mark. It's a real gushy plot, and Netflix decided to have a little fun with some of their more dedicated viewers.

But not everyone is exactly happy with their habits being aired to the world!

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