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Never Buy These Again! 13 Things You Can Make At Home To Save Money

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When we were kids our parents would mend our clothes, build things around the house and find a way to re-use almost every product they bought. So why are we so quick to rush out to the restore and replace every little thing? It's become normal acceptable to toss something away as soon as it's not working, and to spend money on things we don't really need just for the convenience.

If you want to, it's easy to save some money and make your life simpler by making things yourself.

It's a simple idea, but once you take a moment to look around at your life you'll be surprised how many things we buy could easily be made at home!

1. Insect Repellent

We've already shared a number of easy way to keep your home and garden free from ants and other pests without paying for expensive and harmful chemicals. Some are even pretty, like these all-natural Mason jar luminaries.

2. Air Fresheners

People used to keep natural air fresheners to add the scent of sweet ingredients to their home, but over the last few years scented candles and reusable air fresheners have become a big business. Like razor blades, these products are designed to hook you into buying the refills every week - but there's no need!

3. Swiffer Pads

Here's another example of a product that forces you to regularly waste your money. Swiffers are so handy to tidy your home, but buying the pads is so expensive. Thankfully, we have a hack that you can use and re-use forever!

4. Potato Chips

The average American eats 4 pounds of potato chips a year - which is a lot! Instead of stocking up on bags every week, you can buy cheap potatoes and make your own healthier versions. Our recipe uses sweet potatoes, and cooks in your microwave!

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