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15 Things You Should Never Have To Spend More Than a Dollar On

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You don't have to be a penny-pincher to reap the benefits of saving money on products you would otherwise waste more than a few dollars on.

Stores like Dollar Tree or Super Dollar Store offer many products that are just as good as their expensive counterparts. If you're unable to find the products you need in store, you can certainly find them online.

Coupons and garage sales are other ways to find quality products that have not been abused to death.

15. Coffee filters

If you're a frequent coffee drinker, you're frequently buying overpriced coffee filters. Save your money and go purchase these filters at a cheaper price at your local dollar store.

14. Bobby pins and other hair accessories

The number of hair accessories you own always seems to dwindle only months after their purchase. This is a sign you need to stop spending all that money on things you're going to inevitably lose soon. Dollar stores offer many hair accessories that are the same quality as other competing brands. So stock up!

13. Chewing gum

It may be a small price difference, but buying chewing gum from the dollar store can save you a lot of money in the long run.

12. Office supplies

Pencils, notebooks, tape, pens, markers, poster boards, or you name it, you can find all these office supplies without emptying all the cash in your wallet.

11. Cleaning supplies

Items like rubber gloves, dish brushes, and dish towels are not meant to last forever. They'll wear down in a few days or weeks, despite how good the brand is.

10. Books

If you can't find some of your favorite books at a dollar store, try searching for them online, at library book sales, or at your local discounted bookstore. Everyone's looking to get rid of books that are taking too much space in their homes, so it's never too late to start hunting for your favorites.

9. Mugs

They're just adorable, and you don't have to spend too much money on them.

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