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Why You Should Never, Ever Kill Spiders You Find In Your Home

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When you see a spider in your home, your first instinct is to annihilate it.

I feel like I turn into a monster when these crawlers come into my field of vision. I immediately run to grab a few pieces of tissue paper and pounce when they're in reach.

Or, if you're like my little nephew, you'll trap the spider in a cup and wait for someone else to finish it off.

The adrenaline rush is not something everyone likes to experience, especially if the spider starts crawling on your hand or starts flying (that has actually happened.)

Maybe you'll never have to experience that rush again.

According to IFLSCIENCE, killing a spider in your home is a terrible idea. Getting rid of them is doing more harm than good in your home.

Friend Not Foe

Some spiders fare better indoors, just like us. That being said, some of them only come for a short visit and find their way back to the outdoors.

The most common types of spiders you can find in people's houses are cobweb spiders and cellar spiders (which are daddy longlegs).

The best part is that these spiders are not dangerous, and they're more afraid of you than you are of them.

I'm not saying you should stop being afraid of these eight-legged creatures, but you should learn to live with them.

It's easier said than done, but let me explain why you should befriend them.

Spiders are part of our indoor ecosystem, helping to eliminate annoying or disease-carrying insects, like mosquitoes.  

These arachnids use their webs to capture other bugs, which are arguably more difficult to catch than spiders.

Of course, if the spiders in your home are venomous, which you would easily be able to identify from the array of colors on their back or their unusually large size, you should get rid of them.

Other Bugs Good For Your Home


It's a good thing that ladybugs are cute.

You definitely don't want an infestation of them in your home, but having a few around isn't the end of the world.

According to Huffpost, these little bugs can eat up to 5,000 pests in a lifetime. Did you know ladybugs can live up to one year?  


I know, centipedes and millipedes are gross. I'd rather befriend a spider before touching one of these insects.

Fortunately, they want nothing to do with you. They like slimy prey.

These bugs eat the slugs in your garden that are damaging your plants.

Bumble Bee

These fuzzy pollinators are great for your precious garden that you've been working hard on all summer.

If bumble bees went extinct, our crops would be destroyed.

Protect these important bugs by growing beebalm, goldenrod, and lavender in your yard.

Bonus: These plants also look great in your garden!

Will you stop killing spiders in your home?

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If I can't convince you to leave this bugs alone, here's the best way to get rid of each common household pest.

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