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Never Throw This Out! 7 Brilliant Uses For Pickle Juice

We've all finished a jar of crunchy dills and wondered "what am I supposed to do with all this green juice?" Odds are you've just been pouring it down the drain, but that's a huge waste.

It turns out that pickle juice is tasty, versatile, and even has lots of great health benefits. Hard to believe we've been throwing it away all these years, right?

If you want to get the most out of every jar of pickles, try one of these clever ideas to recycle the extra juice. They might seem strange, but we promise you'll wonder why you didn't know about these until now!

Before you try any of the more creative uses for pickle juice, just drink it! If you like pickles you'll love this salty, tangy drink. Plus it has lots of health benefits: it can prevent cramps and refuel after a workout like natural Gatorade.

Just be careful, it's full of salt and acidic, so drinking it on an empty stomach can be uncomfortable.

For something simple, add in veggies like onions or artichokes. If you prefer, drop in hardboiled eggs. Voila! You've made homemade pickles that are perfect for snacking on.


The tangy flavor in the juice also means you can add it to marinades and sauces for some tasty results.

You can brush the juice onto fish on its own, or mix it with barbecue sauce for other meats.

In fact, you can add pickle juice to mayo in any recipe that uses it for some extra flavor.

Potato salad with a dash of dill? Perfect! Try adding the salty flavor to mac and cheese too.

While we've got the party started, "pickleback" shots are a fun, quirky drink when you have friends over. Use brine to chase a shot of whiskey. Hey - don't knock it until you try it!

To really step out of your comfort zone, replace the water in your bread recipe with pickle brine. The result is a tangy, deli-style bread that will take your sandwiches to another level.

Even if you can't stand the taste of pickle brine, rubbing it on your copper pans or a barbecue grill will clean them up better than any product can!

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