New Dating App Completely Changes How You'll Pick Your Next Partner

Dating apps are the trendiest new way to meet someone. It involves your phone, some spare time, and the ability to swipe your finger back and forth on the screen. That's it. But more often than not, regardless of the endearing bio your write, people are just looking at your pictures and moving on.

My own, clearly wonderful, dating bio.

Choosing a partner based exclusively on looks almost never works out, and leads to conversations that burn out within a day or two once you both realize you have nothing in common.

That's why this new dating app, Taffy, is so intriguing. All the matching is based off what you're looking for and personality, and you don't get to see the face of who your talking to until something important happens.

So what do you need to do before seeing your potential partner?

According to Taffy's founder, John Schenk, all photos will remain blurry during the matching process, "[putting] personality on a level playing field with physical appearances."

Once you've matched with someone, a conversation is initiated and little by little each person's picture becomes more clear. The idea is that you start to like the person and get to know them before you see their face. By the time the picture is revealed, you've got a pretty good sense about whether or not you like the person.

And if you think a "hey, how are you?" is going to cut it, you're wrong. Schenk says the algorithm detects the quality of the conversation and then decides how much of the image to reveal.

There are different aspects you can look for on the site, such as "love," chat," and "advice."

It will be interesting to see how this app is received, and it was just released two days ago, the premise is interesting. It's similar to when you would meet someone in a chat room and build a connection before meeting in person.

Would you ever give this a try?