Husband Surprises Wife Of 67 Years With Brand New Engagement Ring


Some men can woo women with invincible charm, or a manly mustache, or maybe just a sexy accent. The really rare ones can sweep a woman off her feet with a romantic gesture. Christmas probably saw a lot of big romantic moves, but none can top what Don Johnson just pulled off.

It's a good thing he only had eyes for one woman - his wife of 67 years, Patricia May.

Last May, Patricia lost her engagement ring after she had taken it off to nurse an injury. She's in a nursing home and employees couldn't find it anywhere. She was upset to have lost it, but considering she had hurt herself in a fall, she was happy just to be healthy.


Don wasn't going to let the matter rest however.

"Dad asked me to take him shopping to buy Mom a new engagement ring and wedding band," said Diane Hawkins, the couple's daughter, to Global News.

Patricia unwittingly made that a more challenging adventure than it should have been. She's normally glued to Don's side and the pair have been inseparable for much of their almost seven decades together.

Don wanted to surprise his wife, so Diane had to do some quick thinking.

"We had to lie to get him out of the nursing home. We said Dad had a speech appointment," she said.

Don suffers from Parkinson's which impacts his ability to speak and move.

On Dec 23, it was time for the big reveal. The family had gathered around and exchanged gifts. The moment Patricia starts opening hers is something special.

After removing the wrapping she finds a box and quickly turns it over.

"I'm looking for a dollar store sticker," she says to her family's laughter. She stopped laughing when she realized what she was looking at. No one in the room was laughing either, tears of happiness streaming down their faces.


After taking a moment to compose herself, Patricia leans over to plant a big well-deserved kiss on Don's lips and she passed the ring around for all to see.

"She showed everyone. She almost blinds you with it showing it off," said Diane.

I'm sure he's handed out a lot of gifts in 67 years of marriage, but this one had to be something special.

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