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New Fitness Class Is Literally Just Napping. Yes, Really.

To nap or to go to the gym. That's the age old question. Usually, napping wins for most people. But here's the good news: now they're basically the same thing!

A UK-based fitness chain is introducing "napercise" classes, where you literally just nap for 45 minutes. The "40 winks workout" will allow participants to sleep on their own single mattress in the exercise studio. The thermostat will be turned down and soothing music will play, which will create the perfect environment to have a little snooze.

The Independent

Napercise was born to help “exhausted mums and dads boost their mental and physical well-being," the company said in a press release.

A study conducted by the gym found that 86% of parents struggle with fatigue while 26% get less than 5 hours of sleep per night. Recent research has already shown napping can improve your memory and lower your blood pressure, not to mention increasing your focus throughout the day. So why not give Napercise a shot?

Currently the classes are being run on a trial basis, but here's hoping they catch on quick!

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