New Girl Guide Cookie Sales Tactic Is A Total Game-Changer

You guys. I have great news.

Have you ever craved Girl Scout cookies but there haven't been any selling stations in your area? Or maybe you want to order two boxes of each kind but don't need everyone else trying to buy cookies judging you?

Well then get ready for the best thing ever: you can now buy Girl Scout cookies on Amazon.



Of course, buying online will increase the price of a box. Instead of $5, it'll be around $11. But honestly, cookies shipped to the door with zero social interaction is WORTH IT! Especially if they're sold year round.

People are pretty stoked about the new sales tactic, loving that it just got easier to access all the flavors not available in your region.

However, some people don't love the move, saying it's never been about making money on the cookies, but rather teaching young girls how to be businesswomen and market a product.

If you want to buy cookies, here are some links for you:

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Girl Scouts

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Girl Scouts


Girl Scouts


Girl Scouts

What do you think of this new development? Let us know!