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Ikea Will Give You A Discount, But You Need To Pee On Their Ad First

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IKEA is possibly the biggest name in home furniture in the world right now. With over 400 locations worldwide, including locations in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, the Swedish furniture giant has become not just a store where you can get another bookshelf for your bedroom, but an institution.


The first time you see one of their stores, it's hard not to be struck by how comedically large they are. Don't get me wrong, they actually do need that amount of space, not just for the showrooms, but also for their massive warehouses of unassembled furniture that you can peruse at your own peril. Still though, how many places can you shop that have their own cafeteria?!

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Of course, the company isn't without a sense of humor about their ridiculousness either. Who could possibly forget some of their absolutely classic commercials, like the one about the sad lamp?

However, their latest marketing strategy in Sweden has definitely raised some eyebrows. In the latest ad released by the company, they tease that you can win a discount on a crib by bringing in the ad to a store. The catch? You have to pee on it first...

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