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New IKEA Scam Wants To Steal Your Information

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The internet is a haven for scam artists, and just when you begin to think that you've escaped being a victim, another scam comes knocking.

As the holiday season approaches, there tends to be an increase in scams aimed at shoppers and this year is no different. A new phishing scam has been going around targeting unsuspecting fans of the popular furniture store IKEA.  


The new money-making scheme has been popular among WhatsApp circles, where users are sent a message offering them a fake store voucher.

According to Gulf News Society, the fraudulent message informs users that IKEA is celebrating its 75th birthday and as result they're giving away $500 coupons.

The message usually looks similar to this: "IKEA is giving away a free voucher of $500! To celebrate its 75th birthday, you can get your free voucher too! Don't miss it, click here to get your free $500 voucher from IKEA."

Facebook/Jamna Pandian Contura

The link contained in the message redirects users to a webpage where they're required to provide some personal information before they can claim the fake coupon.

Since the phony message started receiving widespread attention, IKEA has issued a statement on its Facebook page to deter shoppers from falling for the phishing scam.

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