New Law Could Change The Way You Travel With Your Dog

One of the happiest moments in a dog's life could be getting cut short with this new law that has been proposed.

Dogs love sticking their head out the window as you go for a drive! They love the wind in their ear and seeing what the world is like around them.

But now, a proposed law in Maine is looking to make it mandatory for all dogs to wear tethers or harnesses while riding in the backseat of the car, and would totally eliminate them riding in the front seat.

"It raises a very important question, to talk about animal safety in the vehicle," said Rep. Jim Handy, D-Lewiston, the bill’s sponsor.

Rep. Handy says he sponsored the bill after hearing the concerns of a constituent that worried dogs could tumble out of car windows or go flying around in the event of an accident.

Some other dog owners don't agree with the logic, however.

"Do they have any evidence that a dog has jumped out of a window and hurt itself?" asked Don Sargent. "This is the most absurd thing I’ve actually heard of."

Handy says the issue is about safety, but also says he understands why people may not think the law is necessary.

"I want safety for my animal, but by the same token I want them to have the freedom to stick their head out of the window," said Handy. "My dog loves the fresh air coming into his face."

Though the bill doesn't outline what the penalty would be for violating the law, but a similar law in New Jersey sees fines between $250-$1000 for owners who don't transport their animals properly.

In the end, this is all about the safety of your pets. Do you agree with this law? Let us know!

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