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New Pregnancy Workout Will Make Labor Faster And Easier

The Bloom Method

Between carrying a human in your stomach for 9 months and going through the intense labor process, we can all attest that moms are real-life superheroes.

But sometimes even superheroes need to catch a break, so when good and exciting news comes out of the pregnancy and parenting world, it is only right that we share it to make things easier for all moms.

There's a new pregnancy workout trend that is taking over the mommy world and it even has experts weighing in on the benefits.

Dubbed the belly pump, the exercise technique involves the abdominal muscles and deep breathing based on the "foundational techniques designed to strengthen a woman's core during pregnancy and after delivery," claims

The method was developed by Brooke Cates, a pre and post-natal exercise expert at Bloom Method in Boulder Colorado. The workouts involve "cutting-edge core techniques use diaphragmatic breath and deep core engagement to keep the abdominal muscles strong as the belly grows throughout pregnancy."

The benefits of the Bloom Method include reduced risk of abdominal separation, 50% less chance of stretch marks and loose skin, less back pain, easier labor and quicker healing post-delivery.

If you're still skeptical about the claims, it could be reassuring to know that "there's no danger to doing it" according to Dr. Michael Cackovic, director of maternal cardiac disease in pregnancy program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

"The baby is extremely protected"”there's nothing you can do from the standpoint of using your abdominal wall that will hurt the baby," adds Dr. Cackovic.  

It should be noted that there is no current research that support this new workout method, but doctors agree that exercising during pregnancy helps speed up the recovery process.

"Based on the fact that this focuses on core development, I think it would be more effective than other workouts whether you had a vaginal or C-section birth," says Dr. Cackovic.

Whether one chooses the Bloom Method or not, what's really important is getting in at least 35-90 minutes of workout three to four times a week. Research shows that expectant moms who do so lower their chances of having a C-section, gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure.


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