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New Study Shows That Kids Work Harder While Dressed As Batman

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Pretty much every kid dreams of being a superhero at some point. Whether it's for the awesome superpowers, the satisfaction of saving the world, the idea of fighting a giant, world-ending evil, or even just being able to impress the world with how cool your costume is, it's a fantasy that just about everyone has had.

Warner Bros.

For my money, Batman was always THE coolest superhero. Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne by day, the Caped Crusader by night, he had everything a young aspiring hero could want. He had the coolest costume, a massive arsenal of cool gadgets that all did something different, a fleet of vehicles whose names all began with the word "bat," a sarcastic British butler who used to serve in the military, and of course, all the coolest bad guys to fight.

DC Comics

Real talk, my very first Halloween costume was Batman. I was three years old and remember nothing about it, but my mom assures me it was adorable.

Well, turns out my parents might have done me more of a favor that year than they might have expected. A recent scientific study has been done on the productivity of very young kids, and it turns out that dressing them up like the World's Greatest Detective actually makes them work harder...

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