Did New York's Newest Bar Finally Jump The Shark?

There are all sorts of bars in the world. Dive bars, dance bars, strip bars and even board game bars, but there's a new type of bar on the scene and people aren't exactly drinking it up.

Avocaderia has opened its doors and it says it's the world's first Avocado only bar, and where else would it be but Brooklyn, NY?

The birthplace of the Hipsters has done it again, with a too-trendy take on an existing classic. Avocaderia serves smoothies, salads and even toast - all made with avocados.

Now many people love avocados, and it's true that they have multiple health benefits and can be quite tasty. Even so though reaction to the bar has been less than thrilled.

It'll take some time to see if the restaurant suits Brooklyn's taste, but if social media is any indication it doesn't look like people will be opening wide.

There's been a rise in "one ingredient" bars and cafes that have done quite well. New York City also has a cookie dough cafe and a restaurant that only uses meatballs. Why meatballs and cookie dough spots are successful probably doesn't need to be pointed out. Avocados? Well we'll see.

Not everyone has fallen in love with the waxy, green fruit either. A restaurant in England recently banned it from the menu.

"Frankly, we're bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu," said George Notley, executive chef of the Firedog restaurant.

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