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NFL Star Goes To Photo Shoot, Comes Home With A Puppy

When celebrities go to photo shoots, more often than not they just come home with a pay check and maybe a goody bag.

But for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Tyler Matakevich, he came home with a puppy.

The NFL star was at a photo shoot for the anti-animal cruelty campaign, Show Your Soft Side, which features famous athletes and super cute animals...what more do you need?

Matakevich has always been a dog lover, and he knew that he would adopt a puppy at some point, but he didn't know it would be at this shoot.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Matakevich showed up to the photo shoot and was paired up with Jerrica, a little black puppy. Jerrica immediately fell asleep in Matakevich's arms, and the linebacker fell in love.

Show Your Soft Side

"It felt like they set me up," Matakevich said. "I knew right away."

"You have an NFL Player who could easily purchase any dog he'd possibly desire. He chose a mixed-breed pup," says Renee Martini, the founder of Renee's Rescue, where Jerrica came from. "Talk about a class act! Such a win for the animals."

Show Your Soft Side

Jerrica, now renamed Bailey, was a surprise for both Tyler and his girlfriend Shannon, but everyone seems pretty excited about the new addition.

Show Your Soft Side

"This is so unexpected," Matakevich says. "It's awesome. She's just such a good dog."

The NFL star brags about how smart and well-trained Bailey already is, and says she's having a great time pestering the couple's older dog as well.

Show Your Soft Side

See? Even millionaire athletes know to adopt, not shop!

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