Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Duet Absolutely Melts Hearts

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Duet Absolutely Melts Hearts

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We all know Nicole Kidman for her roles in hit films such as The Hours, Rabbit Hole, and Moulin Rouge! but she rarely gets the credit she deserves for her singing chops.

While the music industry is more of her husband Keith Urban's territory, the beloved couple have been occasionally seen performing duets on some of his most popular songs.

A video has reemerged of Kidman and Urban performing singing in their car to one his most popular tunes, "The Fighter" featuring Carrie Underwood.

Kidman exclaims, "Oh my God, I love this song!" with Urban rebuffing, "Thank Goodness!" before they break out into song.

Watch the adorable video for yourself:

Most recently, rumors of the pair's breakup have been swirling the web, but Urban has publicly dismissed the gossip, while speaking out on how it affects the couple's two young daughters.

"When you have kids it changes it because that's really hurtful to kids," Urban said in an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O radio show on September 17.

"They don't quite understand, and they go, "˜Why are they saying that?' and you go, "˜Because it sells. It sells magazines. It's the only reason they're doing it.' That part of it is a bit rough."

The "Blue Ain't Your Color" crooner said he finds the rumors are particular outrageous as he often reads them when he's with his wife.

"I probably find it a bit more absurd when you see a picture of Nic and I in Telluride where I was just with her and at the same time you read something, like, that right next to it, and you go, "˜Well what a bunch of w**kers,'" he said.

However, over the course of their 12-year marriage, both of their families have learned not to believe everything they read.

"They know. Everybody knows us," he said. "I particularly laugh when they go, "˜An inside source,' because anyone who's close to us knows how bulls**t that is."

In an interview with Parade Magazine, the Big Little Lies actress shared the secret to her longstanding marriage - they never text one another.

"We've never texted," Kidman explained. "We talk all the time and we FaceTime but we just don't text because I feel like texting can be misrepresentative at times. And I've had the thing where I reread texts and I'm like, 'What does that mean?' and then read it to somebody and go 'Can you interpret that?' I don't want that between my lover and I."

"That is so not our relationship, which is interesting right? We call. We've done this since the very beginning."

However, Kidman admitted that their old-fashioned arrangement initially started due to her technological illiteracy.

"The reason it started at the beginning was because I didn't know how to text and it just kind of worked for us. So now we don't. We just do voice to voice or skin to skin, as we always say."

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