7 Mistakes You're Making At Night That Are The Cause Of Your Weight Gain

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Ever try your hardest to lose weight but it's just not working? Well, that could have something to do with your nightly habits. A lot of things we all do every night can have a huge impact in weight gain. Here are seven things you're doing every night that are making you gain weight.

1. You don't brush your teeth after you eat.

This may sound like a weird way to keep weight off but it actually works. Late night snacks are sure-fire way to gain weight. If you brush your teeth right after dinner, you may be less tempted to grab that late night Netflix snack because you won't want to brush again.

2. You eat the most at dinner time.

Most people think dinner should be the biggest meal of the day, but this isn't actually right. Loading up on calories at night, won't give you the time to burn them off again. This will cause you to gain weight.

Try making your biggest meal of the day lunch, this will actually give you more energy and give your body the time it needs to effectively lose the calories, instead of storing them while you sleep.

3. You drink in the evening.

I know I enjoy a glass of wine or two in the evening, but exceeding that can make you gain weight fast. Alcohol consumed at night means extra calories in the form of sugar, which ends up being stored as belly fat. So, yes it's okay to have a drink or two each night, but reaching for the third or fourth is where it starts to catch up with you.

4. You eat dinner on the couch.

We know that it is better to eat at the table than on the couch, but do you know why? It can actually lead to weight gain. This happens because when you're distracted by watching the TV, you're not thinking about how much you're eating.

This causes you to eat more without even thinking about it. Also, if you're not paying attention to eating, this doesn't register in your brain so, you are more likely to eat something later because your brain doesn't remember eating because it didn't process it at the time.

I am 100% guilty of this next one.

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