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Burger King Says Their New Burger Has Been Scientifically Proven To Cause Nightmares

Burger King - Instagram / Pixabay

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Do you remember Burger King's Halloween Whopper that turned some people's poops green or blue a few years ago?

The burger came out just in time for Halloween, and people were eager to try it, despite the strange side effect reported by many social media users.

Halloween whopper
The Halloween Whopper was colored with A1 steak sauce.redvelvetbby - Instagram

Having said that, the effect wasn't particularly worrisome. Just like how large amounts of kale can turn stool green, and eating lots of beets can turn poop red, the A1 steak sauce has a similar effect.

This Halloween, Burger King wants to frighten even more customers with another spooky burger creation.

Burger King executives must be die-hard Halloween fans because they come up with clever ways to lure in people in the month of October.

This year, the fast food giant is coming out with a burger that might be inspired from the color of people's poops from the Halloween Whopper.

It's called the "Nightmare King," and the buns are bright green. According to the chain, the buns are made with "all natural coloring from watermelons."

Burger King even claims that their new burger has been scientifically proven to cause nightmares.

According to NY Daily News, the beloved burger chain teamed up with Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc. to study the effects of the Nightmare King on 100 participants.

"According to previous studies, 4 percent of the population experiences nightmares in any given night," Dr. Jose Gabriel Medina, the study's lead doctor, said in a statement. "But, after eating the Nightmare King, the data obtained from the study indicated that the incidence of nightmares increased by 3.5 times."

Apparently, the combination of proteins and cheese in the burger is to blame.

Burger King also posted this spooky video below to get people prepared for their new burger.

the Nightmare King, coming 10/22. you've been warned. only available at participating locations.

Posted by Burger King on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

While some people can't wait to try the new creation and see if it will actually give them nightmares, others are hesitant.

Some users even compared the burger to Squidward's nasty-looking krabby patty in Spongebob Squarepants.

While users debate on the Nightmare King burger, some Burger King customers have something to say about the new Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry slushies.

Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry
The scary Halloween drink is only $1 for a limited-time only. iamsameyeam - Instagram

Burger King has another special treat for Halloween fans this year.

The Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry slushie is described by some to be the ultimate Halloween treat, and costs only $1.

Whether it's a trick or a treat, that's up to you to decide, but some people have had some weird experiences after consuming the new drink.

[H/T: NY Daily News]

The Nightmare King burgers can be purchased at select BK locations on October 22. Will you try it?

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