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Abandoned Dog Was Guarding A Special Secret, But When They Earned Her Trust She Was Happy To Share

Despite her best efforts to rescue Betty Boop, Krystle Woodward couldn't keep the gentle pup contained.

The 33-year-old woman runs Pinky Paws ResQ, a non-profit animal rescue center in Fowler, California. When she first spotted the pit bull mix, Woodward attempted to trap her in order to get her some much needed care.

The stray was a regular site in town and Woodward had seen her around town scavenging for food. The first attempt was a failure, Betty Boop managed to escape and disappear out of town.

YouTube/Pinky Paws ResQ

It took one more try before Woodward and her husband were able to get Betty Boop off the streets and into a vet clinic.

But the vet's news about Betty surprised everyone...

Real-Life Lassie

The couple were surprised to learn that Betty Boop was actually a nursing mother! Woodward realized that the loving mother dog had been walking for four miles every day from country to town in order to scavenge food for her babies.

"She would walk two miles from county limits into town to scavenge for her pups during the day." She told Daily Mail, "then she would head back miles before dark to feed her pups. The first time I trapped her on my break she escaped.

"After work I took her to the vet. I cried all night thinking about those puppies out there."

Carters News Agency

The next day the couple decided to take Betty out to the edge of the city, they would let her lead the way...


Woodward and her husband brought Betty out to the edge of town where she immediately picked up the scent.

Her rescuers played a quick clip of crying puppies, hoping that it would trigger something in sweet Betty. Within moments, it worked:

"She cried and started leading me two miles out into the country then as she got closer she slowed down. She took me down the vineyards to an abandoned farm house."

In an incredible act of trust, Betty Boop lead her rescuers straight to a hole in the broken barn floor. Inside were 10 healthy puppies!

Watch the incredible video rescue below:

[h/t Daily Mail]