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No One Would Believe A Newborn Could 'Walk' But Surprised Nurses Have The Proof [Video]

It's pretty incredible what the human body can do - especially when it comes to mothers and babies. Most nurses know that the best thing to do for a newborn baby is to place her on her mother's chest.

Not only is that what would happen in unassisted birthing circumstances, but it's also practical. A mother's body senses her little baby and actually adjusts her temperature according to how hot or cold the infant's body is.

A baby will always be warm and cared for if they are safe in their mother's arms.

But, what happens when it's bath time?

This wee little newborn girl is being prepared by nurses in Brazil for her first bath. When one nurse lifts her up for a wash, the little lady decides that now would be a good moment to take her 'first steps.'

Typically, babies don't walk until closer to 12 months, but this little girl has clearly got some place to go and it's definitely not into a bath!

According to Metro news, the footage was likely shot at Santa Cruz Hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil.

Although astonishing to watch, this actually a pretty common reflex! Healthy Children lists it among typical newborn reflexes:

"She can’t support her own weight, of course, but if you hold her under the arms (being careful to support her head, as well) and let her soles touch a flat surface, she’ll place one foot in front of the other and “walk.” This reflex will disappear after two months, then recur as the learned voluntary behavior of walking toward the end of the first year."

Regardless, it's still pretty amazing to see - over 94,000,000 people have already viewed this incredible video:

Isto é incrível nenê sai caminhando após acabar de nascer.

Posted by Arlete Arantes on jueves, 25 de mayo de 2017

[h/t Scary Mommy / Metro]

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