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Not Even The Audience Knew Who This Singer Was, But The Talent Is Undeniable

The concept of The Voice is pretty great. Judges can't see who is on stage, so they make their decision based on the talent alone.

It allows people from all walks of life to get a legitimate chance at making it big.

In season 9, one contestant came on stage and wowed the judges in more ways than one. It was one of the few blind auditions where the singer was kept secret from the TV audience as well as the judges, until Blake Shelton turned around.

The audition gave me goosebumps! See who it is on the next page!

Jordan Smith wowed the judges with what has been dubbed a "unicorn voice" because of it's uniqueness. Smith went on the win the entire season, and quickly became the highest selling winner of the show.

Do you remember watching Jordan Smith?