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Nurse Breaks The Rules To Give Patient His Dying Wish

A nurse at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark has broken the rules for the sweetest reason. She went against the hospital regulations so she could give a man his dying wish and have a "dignified" death.

Carsten Flemming Hansen was 75 and arrived at the hospital after suffering from an aortic aneurysm and internal bleeding. The doctors suspected that he only had a few more hours to live so they decided to avoid the unnecessary surgery.

His nurse, Rikke Kvist, said that his relatives were there with him and were of course upset that he was dying but apparently "It was a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere."

Hansen had one request before he passed away, and even though it was strictly against policy the nurses decided to let him have what he wanted. All he asked for was a Green LA cigarette and a glass of cold white wine while he spent time with his family. The medical staff knew that smoking wasn't allowed on hospital property, but decided to find a way to make it happen.

They wheeled his hospital bed out onto a balcony and let him have his last cigarette and his glass of wine. He got to watch the sunset and have a nice evening with his family before passing away.

Do you think the nurses did the right thing by giving this man one final comfort before he passed away?

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