Nurses Under Investigation After Obscene Photos With Newborns Go Viral

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The Jacksonville Naval Hospital says these women were "removed from patient care," but the case isn't closed yet.

Thompson (left) and Barrett.Heavy

The corpsmen, identified as Allyson Thompson, 21, and Joanie Barrett, 23, are now being investigated by both the legal system and the Navy. The hospital also says they've contacted the parents of the children in the video. Even the Navy's surgeon general has weighed in on the scandal.

"Unprofessional and inappropriate social media behavior is inconsistent with both our core values of honor, courage and commitment as well as our medical ethics, violating the oaths we took for our profession and office," said Vice Admiral Forrest Faison.

Faison also says he "applauds" the innocent bystanders who shared the nurse's photos to help bring them to justice.

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