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'NYPD Blue' Is Coming Back To TV But They're Killing Off A Major Character

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The premiere of NYPD Blue more than two decades ago changed the way we watch TV forever. The cop drama distanced itself from the norm and featured dialogue with cursing, story lines that tackled difficult topics, like alcoholism, and scenes with nudity.

Despite a disclaimer which informed people that "this police drama contains adult language and scenes with partial nudity," some of the network's stations refused to show the pilot when it made its debut in 1993.

Family groups and advertisers were shocked that ABC would give such an outrageous show, which follows a team of cops at New York's 15th precinct, a platform.

However, it turns out, most people actually enjoyed the edgy drama, which had a slew of complex characters played by David Caruso, Amy Brenneman, and Dennis Franz, and it soon became a major hit.

After 12 seasons, the show's run came to an end in 2005, but it continued to be ABC's longest-running prime-time one hour drama until Grey's Anatomy took the record in 2016.

After 13 years, ABC wants to bring the Emmy-winning show back to the small screen.

Although the television landscape has changed so much that NYPD Blue's mild cursing and partial nudity would be considered tame in comparison to shows like Game of Thrones, the network is hoping that a change in the plot line will make people watch the revival.

According to reports, a pilot for the reboot has already been ordered, and casting for its four main leads is already underway. Although the story line isn't set in stone yet, fans are being told to prepare for a much darker plot.

The new series, which will be a sequel of sorts, will center around Theo, Andy's son, who is also described as quick-witted, stubborn and hard-drinking.

He is trying to earn his detective shield and work for the 15th squad just like his father did all those years ago. However, his biggest mission is to investigate his father's murder. Sorry, Andy fans.

Those who watched the show's earlier seasons will remember that Theo's mom, Sylvia Costas-Sipowicz, also met a tragic end. In season six, she was fatally shot and her last words to Andy were "Take care of the baby."

Andy's character was most likely killed off because the actor, Dennis Franz, did not want to reprise the role.

"I did receive a call, and I'm flattered bot nor interested," Franz told Deadline. "NYPD Blue was a high point in my life and career, and I think of it so fondly. I wish them all well and much success."

Asides from the basic plot, we do know that Jesse Bochco, son of the show's late co-creator Steven Bochco, has signed on to direct the pilot. Bocho's widow, Dayna, has been enlisted as producer while Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton, both of whom worked on the original show, will also return as writers.

There's a strong possibility that some of the beloved characters will also make cameos in the revival as the storyline is linked to the original series.

While anything is possible, there's a slim-to-none chance that David Caruso will return. The actor, who played Detective John Kelly, made his departure in season 2, and according to Bochco's memoir, Truth is a Total Defense, it's because he "became impossible" to work with.

"Caruso's behavior was, simply put, cancerous," "He was emotionally unavailable to everyone, and he was volatile, moody or sullen, depending on the day. Most people don't function well in a dysfunctional environment, but Caruso loved it because he was the source of all the discontent, and it empowered him.

"He never said it to me directly, but the simple truth was, Caruso felt he was too good for television. He wanted to be a movie star. And his plan was to alienate the writers, producers and his fellow castmates in hopes that we would dump him from the show."

Caruso was eventually written out of the show and replaced by Jimmy Smits, who Bochco credited for making "the series even greater."

While the news of the revival is exciting for fans, don't get your hopes up until ABC commits to the entire series, not just a pilot. If everything goes according to plan, there's a good chance the show will debut in 2019.

Did you watch the original NYPD Blue?

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