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People Are Finding Obama's Portrait To Be Inappropriate, Can You Spot What Some People Are Seeing?


The former first couple's official portraits were unveiled on Monday at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. The work of renowned African-American painter Kehinde Wiley received a lot of praise for his unique portrayal of Barack and Michelle Obama.

However, not everyone was so quick to admire the portraits, particularly the former president's. Some people online pointed out that there's a hidden sexual innuendo in the portrait, while others are calling these findings disrespectful and "racist."  

You can spend hours looking at the photo and probably won't notice anything out of the ordinary, but some people have posted their strange findings online, and we're not sure how to feel about it.

Check it out, do you agree with what some people on social media are saying about Obama's portrait?

Some people are convinced that there is a "secret sperm" on Obama's face. They believe that Wiley's non-traditional painting style involves subtly including the shape of sperm within his paintings.

According to the The Daily Beast, the theory originated from a thread on a website called 4chan.

Fox News host Sean Hannity allegedly stumbled upon these "shocking allegations" and tweeted an article under the headline: "PORTRAIT PERVERSION: Obama Portrait Features 'SECRET SPERM.'"

Social media was quick to judge him for his comments on the artist's work, which caused Hannity to immediately remove the tweet and the article on his website.

But like all news that goes viral, once it makes it on the internet it's going to remain there forever. Screenshots of the tweet are still circulating, ridiculing the television host for his conspiracy theory.  

"Hannity's first tweeted this ridiculous, if not racist, thing about Obama's portrait," wrote BuzzFeed correspondent Chris Geidner.

In a statement provided by Fox News, Hannity told The Daily Beast: “Earlier today my web staff posted content that was not reviewed by me before publication. It does not reflect my voice and message and, therefore, I had it taken down.”

Do you think Hannity's tweet was offensive? What is your take on the former first couple's portraits?

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