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Overweight Dog Deemed "Unfit" For Adoption, But Now She Has Made A Huge Change

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While the occasional treat at the dinner table isn't the worst thing for a dog, sometimes owners can take it too far. That was the case for Strudel, who was placed in the care of dog rescue group, Hearts for Hounds, after her owner passed away.

When she arrived, Strudel weight a whopping 81 lbs. That's already pretty big, but consider the fact that she's also only 7 years old! She was visibly obese when she got to the shelter and was lying down constantly from being too heavy to move around.

Not only was Strudel in pain from her inflamed joints, due to other serious health issues, she was deemed unfit for adoption because of the strain it would place on a new family. It seemed as though she would have no home but the shelter for the rest of her life.

However, Strudel found help in a very unlikely way, and you won't believe the transformation she has made!

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