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Officer Heroically Rescues Raccoon Who Managed To Get Its Butt Stuck In A Drain

Despite often being unwelcome guests in our neighborhoods thanks to their tendency to dig through our garbage and possibly spread rabies, raccoons (or "trash pandas" as the internet has taken to calling them) are some of the silliest creatures in the animal kingdom.


The furry little critters sure do love traveling through our yards and causing mischief, decked out in their natural thief masks and burglar stripes. Of course, they're often much better at getting themselves in precarious situations than they are at stealing anything.


I mean, just look at these little guys! How can you not enjoy an animal that's so lovably derpy?




Well apparently Officer Dan Kerfeld of Duluth, Minnesota feels the same way, because when he stumbled across a raccoon caught in a very hilarious but also possibly harmful situation, he stepped up to help the little critter.

Kerfeld was out on patrol when he spotted a rather... unusual sight. There seemed to be something large and fuzzy poking out of a nearby storm drain. Upon investigating it, the thing turned out to be... a raccoon butt.

Kerfeld snapped a photo of the critter, which went viral when shared by fellow Duluth officer Rob Hurst. Both assured the public that animal control was contacted and the raccoon got out unharmed.

We're very thankful the little guy got out safely!