Officer Spotted Two Men Walking A Dog In The Forest, But Something Wasn't Right

A conservation officer has saved the day and the life of an adorable little pup.

Chris Lynch of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources noticed two men park their car and go for a walk on a off-roading vehicle trail. A small dog scampered at their feet and Lynch knew something was up.

As he approached the two men, Lynch noticed one of the men suspiciously digging a hole nearby. The second was replacing a loaded rifle in its case.

Lynch asked them what they were doing, and they told him they were burying their dog. The officer walked over to the hole in the ground, expecting to see a beloved pet's corpse. The playful little dog followed at his heels.  

What he saw horrified him: the hole contained only a cardboard box.

The Dodo

It was then that Lynch realized the two men were about to kill their dog right then and bury her. He asked them why, thinking there might be something wrong with her. The two men said the dog "was old," and gave no other reason. Lynch saw that the dog was in good health and told them a better, more humane alternative was to take the dog to the local animal shelter, which was 10 minutes away.  

Lynch then informed them they were trespassing on private property and charged them for illegally having a loaded gun in their vehicle. Although he was not obligated by law to take the dog, Lynch convinced the men to turn over the pup to him.

Delta Animal Shelter

Chris brought the Shih Tzu to the Delta Animal Shelter, where they are taking good care of her until they can find her a loving home. They named the 11-year-old dog Tunzy and found that she was perfectly healthy.

“We are thankful the DNR brought her to the safety of the Delta Animal Shelter,” a spokesperson at Delta said. “There is no justifiable reason to end her life – she probably has a good five years of life left and her health is fine. This community does not accept what was going to happen, nor any other forms of abuse of an animal.”

Unlike some other shelters, Delta has a no-kill policy and doesn't have a surrender fee for animals brought in.

“This sweet dog is safe with us,” the shelter said on Facebook. “This sweet girl will go up for adoption soon and we promised she will find real love.”

Delta Animal Shelter

Would you adopt this sweet little girl? Get more details here!

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