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Officer Finds Kitten Stuck On The Golden Gate Bridge But He Wouldn't Give Up Until He Was Rescued

Despite how much many of us love cats and dogs, there are a few individuals among us who can be very cruel to animals. Even with the presence of animal shelters in cities across the country, certain people choose to leave unwanted pets in dangerous places like the side of busy roads.

Recently in San Francisco, California, a tiny kitten in left the middle of Golden Gate Bridge caught the attention of a commuter. Understanding the danger surrounding the poor animal, the good samaritan contacted the California Highway Patrol for assistance.

The officers responded to the call immediately, but upon reaching the bridge the kitty was nowhere to be found. After a short search, the rescuers spotted "a little furry head popping out from inside of the movable median barrier that separates the northbound and southbound lanes," and began attempts to bring it to safety.

"The location that he was found leads us to believe that he was either dumped from a vehicle or that he had possibly crawled up under a vehicle and fell out after the vehicle was in motion," Officer Andrew Barclay of CHP - Marin told Love Meow.

Nearby lanes were blocked to ensure cars wouldn't interrupt the rescue mission and after a little bit of struggle, the officers gained the terrified cat's trust and brought it out of hiding.

Officer Matt Smith instantly connected with the abandoned kitty and personally transported him to a nearby pet hospital in Corte Madera, California where he received free medical treatment and a few extras including a new carrier.

"Officer Smith was shocked when they refused any payment for their services... We are so grateful for such a caring group of people who truly care about the well being of an animal in need of some TLC," CHP - Marin said.

All it took was some love, affection and medication from Officer Smith and the staff at the hospital for the golden-haired kitty to regain hope. Still and all, the tiny kitty still needed to be returned to its rightful owner or re-homed.

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Doctors weren't able to find a microchip or collar on the rescued cat, so if he was lost, chances of returning him to his owner were slim.

The CHP-Marin still has no idea how he "managed to get so far out in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge without being hit by another vehicle," but they've enlisted the public's help in finding his owner.

"We still haven't heard from anyone who might have lost a cat, and we have checked all of our call logs and verified no one called stating they lost their pet," CHP-Marin told Love Meow.


Luckily, Officer Smith grew attached to the little guy and was unable to resist leaving him behind. He decided to foster the kitty so he could nurse him back to health in a safe and loving environment.

He named him Bridges, a nod to the place where he first the adorable kitty.

"Bridges is enjoying his new home and is being well tended to. He was definitely in need of some serious TLC and the Smith family is making sure he gets it. The most important thing now is that he is being pampered by a caring family who only wants the best for him."

We couldn't be happier about Bridges finding a safe place to call home even if it's only temporary.

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