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Couple's Obsession With Olive Garden Has Reached An Extreme Level, Just Ask Their Daughter

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How much do you love your favorite restaurant? Do you eat there every week? Twice a week? More? Some of us have our favorites, but I'm not sure it could really compare to how much Justin and Jordan Garton love their favorite restaurant.

Jordan Garton

The Arkansas couple are expecting their first child, and they could think of no better way to honor their favorite Italian restaurant then to name their child after it. Their daughter is due to be born in December, and because they have the last name 'Garton', they have decided to give their daughter the name "Olivia".

Jordan Garton

Olivia Garton. That's right. Well, actually it will be Olivia Michelle Garton, making her initials OMG. Jordan laughed saying that “I guess we just have to be those hashtag millennial parents."

But what made them decide to commit to their favorite restaurant in such a big way?

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