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Every Woman In the 50s Had One, Thank Goodness We Don't Today!

I, like countless other preteens learned a lot about puberty and periods from Judy Blume's classic Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. This book published in the 1970s had teens scratching their heads when they made reference to the "sanitary belt" that Margaret uses when she finally gets her period.

With TV ads about Kotex active fit, and Always flex wings, we knew about tampons and pads, but what the heck is a sanitary belt?

Before there were tampons, Diva cups and pads with wings, women had to sport a Sanitary Napkin Belt during their time of the month.

Tabs from disposable menstrual pads attached to the buckles on the belt that women wore around their waist.

Disposable pads started to replace washable ones in America in the 1920's, which means at least you won't have to wash the pads when you were done.

Adhesive pads started to appear in the 1970s effectively killing the belt-and-tabbed pad industry.

Stayfree was the first brand to produce a belt-less napkin. The adhesive on the underside of the bad attached to the underwear which secured it in place.

This created a revolution for women everywhere!

Blume did modernize the book in the '90s so that modern girls wouldn't have to be horrified about the idea of belts and pins in their nether region.

Like that time of the month couldn't be any worse without having to wear your feminine hygiene products around your waist.

For once change is definitely welcome when it comes to the evolution of women's menstrual cycle.

Have you ever seen one of these before?